Sorry for all the hate.

  • When I wrote my topic a little while ago I sounded rude because I wasn’t sure if I had just got scammed or not. Now I am starting to see that this little community is really nice (besides the obvious hate recently lol)
    Just know that I didn’t mean to sound so rude, and know that I am cheering you guys on! Keep it up!

  • I love posativity and thats what allot of people need to be, positive. The staff are human and arent cyborgs. I’d love it if my server was working right now. But they have allot of users and I understand these things take time. If I was hosting it myself, I know it would probably take allot longer than I have to wait for tickets so I dont mind :) Spread teh love! <3

  • I can honestly see how hectic it is just by looking at the server status, that’s a lot of servers. And my internet cant even run a normal dedicated server. That’s why I am here xD

  • @Eklipse
    I know I’m tempted to complain and lodge a ticket after almost 3 days of waiting for “pending” status to end, but as I mentioned it’s the weekend and these guys seem to be swamped so I’ll be patient and work on my configs.

  • @MarcAFK Yeah, they are swamped. And, well, I wish I could even see that I got a server. Once I purchased mine it logged me out and it almost seems like it deleted my login info.

  • This post is deleted!

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