What... Happened? help?

  • I made an account.
    I purchased a stone server.
    I waited for a few minutes.
    I tried to log in to my account again because it logged me out when I purchased the server.
    "Login details incorrect"
    I spelled everything correctly.
    Password is typed correctly.
    When I press login, "Login details incorrect."
    When I try "Forgot password?"
    I enter the Email I used.
    "No client was found with the email address you entered"
    What the hell is this? If I pay money for someone else to host a game server I expect some issues, but this is is outrageous. I pay money, my account disappears. How the hell does this even happen? Is this a scam?

  • Its not a scam, just keep trying. That same thing happened me, I found out it was my fault. Check your email and double and triple check :) The staff on here do there best and will try to fix your issue.

  • @The_Big_bad_w0lf Thank you, at least I have some assurance now. What happens if I typed my email in wrong the first time, without me realizing?

  • @Eklipse Just keep trying to log in, double check your details you entered. Maybe change your password. If you entered it wrong the first time you should be able to fix it, if not just wait for a member of staff to help :)… best advice I can give really :P :8ball:

  • @The_Big_bad_w0lf I appreciate the help. I just read about an issue with their servers being down. Maybe that’s why? Just a thought. Ill check again later and if it isn’t fixed then I will try to get a staff’s attention.

  • When I made my account I got an error with the website, the confirmation page never loaded, But I waited for a while and got a confirmation email so I new that my application did go through.
    Maybe your application didn’t get through to the server? I would see if they can find it with a help ticket.

  • Mod

    @Eklipse Sometimes our system doesn’t send the login information correctly, please make sure you post a ticket about your error.

  • @MCXBPE I posted a ticket yesterday assuming it was something along those lines. Thank you for the help :)

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