Thank you, ;)

  • ~~Dear forum and service staff,~~

    I just wanted to say, a big thank you to the GGServers staff and forum staff. You all do a amazing job with what you have, you have big services to deliver and you do your best. I started to use this service a few days ago and so far I’v had many issues with my server but, that doesnt matter because I see the time and effort you all put in to get our problems fixed as fast as possible. We are all human and cant do everything all at once. You have limited staff and time, thats understandable and some users of your service dont appreciate you’re human. All services have problems, but people seem to jump out when a reliable service has a few hiccups. Love you guys ;), Stay awesome and keep on going. I find your service easy to use and understandable. P.S Some of use really do appreciate what you all do, your time and effort is well spent. My server is currently down, so I thought Id spread love instead of all the hate I’v been seeing.


    ~~The_Big_Bad_W0lf ;)~~

  • GGServers

    We love you too <3 Thanks for the positivity, I appreciate it an enourmous amount.

  • Mod

    Thanks so much bud! And we do understand that we are probably going to receive more hate than appreciations because when people are satisfied, they don’t feel like they need to post awesome stuff like what you’ve posted. Stay awesome man! :)

  • @gmemstr :D Hahah, you all dont get enough love and appreciation. Ya’ll deserve it :100:

  • @MCXBPE Ikr, but I’m more than happy to be happy, no point being sad and angry when theres nothing I can do about it :) Stay awesome right back at ya! :flag_ge:

  • We love you! We love ggservers service!

  • Thank you so much for your kind words. We do our best to provide the best service possible, but right now we have some hiccups.

    Posts like these make me love my job even more, thank you again! <3

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