[Early development] SavageWorlds Hardcore Survival 1.10.2

  • This is a world of intense rivalry, where players vie for advantage over each other in a hostile environment where few survive for long without grouping together.
    A world where even the earth itself resists your best efforts to change it, where constant harassment by it’s denizens gives little respite, and where every minor improvement you achieve feels like a mountain has been scaled.
    This world is not for everyone, but it persists, every change you make is permanent, every abandoned settlement is an opportunity for a new beginning, for someone out there will take up their tools and build upon the ruins of the past.
    Those that persevere are rewarded with a veneer of security, but their achievements are envied by men who have less, and must watch their back lest they fall prisoner to their own hubris. But as a group all men are infinitely more powerful, the power to create great works, or to destroy those of their enemies.
    This a a savage world where civilizations may rise, prosper, then fall to dust. Are you ready?

    Perhaps I was a bit premature with the hype considering I have weeks of config work and addittional plugins to install. And I don’t expect the server to get up for a few more days. But when it’s up everyone is welcome to join and help test and balance things before I launch the server publicly.

    A quick description of the server and it’s plugins is in order.
    Firstly this is a completely vanilla client compatible server, all mods are server side and you can easily join without any mods installed at all. However a mapping mod is recommended, radar might be allowed depending on whether I can get reliable blocking for it, cave mapping, treasure finding and x-ray is completely banned in any capacity.
    The basic core mods of the server is based on the Civcraft set of mods, for those unfamiliar civcraft was an open practically rules free server running since 2011 with a large persistent world and community, sadly after major changes following the second reset the servers were shut down in october 2016. The most dedicated players moved to devoted, or several other “Civstyle” servers which run various modifications to the same plugin set.
    A brief rundown of the mods;
    Citadel: Allows reinforcing blocks using valuable resources, requiring multiple breaks before finally popping. Can create groups for communal projects. Permission levels can be set allowing only trusted members to break important structures, or alternatively allowing door access or building only.
    FactoryMod: Player created factories using various resources, allowing cheaper or easier mass production, or creation of custom ‘lored’ items.
    PrisonPearl: Allows players to capture a player they have killed ‘inside’ an ender pearl, that pearl should be transported and kept inside a secure chest in a reinforced vault to prevent that player being broken out. Pearls must be fed an upkeep resource, and while pearled a player is exiled to the end.
    Itemexchange: A mod allowing creation of shopchests which can trade one resource for another. Generally results in an iron/diamond based trade economy.
    Bastion: A block that acts like a forcefield preventing people not in a particular citadel group from building in an area. Protects your land claims, but like any block can be stolen and setup elsewhere.
    JukeAlert: Juke boxes can log player activity in the area, becoming a ‘snitch’ telling you in chat if they enter the area, or log in or out. The jukebox also logs block placement or breaking which may be retrieved when standing nearby.
    Orebfuscator: Hides certain blocks when a certain distance away by turning them visibly into stone. Default config is for ores and chests to be hidden which prevents xray mining, or finding hidden chests.
    Arthropodegg: A sword with bane of arthropods has a chance of turning a hostile mob into an egg. Allows farming mobs for whatever reason you want to spawn them for.
    RecipeManager: Allows custom crafting grid ,smelter recipes, or brewing.
    BottledExperience: Allows players to bottle experience to save for later. Pretty overpowered. May be nerfed heavily.
    Humbug: Various tweaks or changes.
    HiddenOre: A mod allowing custom ore drops, any block can be changed to randomly spawn ore in nearbyblocks when mined, or alternatively drop resources. Can drop custom ‘lored’ items, which may be useful for custom factory recipies.
    RealisticBiomes: Alters plant growth rates based on biome, light level, and other factors, default settings make certain crops or trees grow best in certain areas and badly or not at all in others.
    ExtraHardMode: A mod not in the standard civcraft package, this completely turns mining into an exercise in frustration, unless you have the right tools. Stone becomes hardened, requiring iron or diamond picks to harvest, also doing extra durability damage when mined. Breaking ore softens surrounding stone into cobble which may be mined easily. Cobble and dirt obey gravity when nearby blocks are disturbed so be careful when mining. TNT also softens stone.
    Players are hit with negative status effects when they fall, burn, suffocate, drown, stand too close to rock disturbed by mining, mobs are slightly buffed, zombies cause slow and may respawn, skeletons fire status effect arrows, spiders throw web etc. Creepers are buffed and more commonly spawn super creepers, which always explode when hit. They Sometimes launch lit tnt into the air. (Reinforced blocks using citadel is useful here to prevent your builds getting damaged)
    Always hostile pigmen. … … Speaks for itself.
    No placing torces below ground (they can be held though, and theres glowstone) torches can’t be attached to dirt, torches are extinguished in the rain.
    Netherrack may catch fire when mined, be careful it’s dangerous to extinguish fire with your bare hands.
    More realistic block placement, no jumping and building underneath yourself, no building single block long skybridges.
    Better tree felling, when a log is cut it triggers logs above it to fall down one block, this can disturb branches of large tree to all fall onto the ground, potentially injuring a player so be careful.
    On death theres risk of inventory loss, valuable items like weapons, tools and armour receives damage instead, items damaged this way arent lost if they hit 0 durability so they can still be repaired. (This plugin has some bugs and will be disabled untill it works right)
    Weight affects run speed and ability to swim. If you’re in full armour expect to run slow, if you’re carrying a lot of stuff use a boat. Be very careful with boats we all know how dodgy they can be with lag.
    More monster spawning.
    Grinder inhibition: stops mobs spawning on unnatural stone, (might disable this) stops xp drops if a monster is killed on water or after recieving heavy fall damage (I’ll probably disable this too)
    Monsters spawn in light. Daylight isn’t as safe as you might think. (as long as non spawning on unnatural stone is on this setting isnt as bad as you might think)
    Some farming changes.

    All these mods are running right now on my test rig, but currently awaiting major configuration changes. factory mod in particular.
    Future plugins should include:
    Mythic mobs: Custom mob configuration
    Multiworld: Multiple worlds, a major goal is to have worlds with different difficulty tiers of mobs, and probably boss mobs
    CropControl: Allows greater control of what drops from crops, based on biome, tool, harvesting method, even custom lored crops and more.
    CombatTag: discourages players logging out to avoid combat. Causes a ghost of a player to be visible at logout spot if they were in combat recently, this ghost can be killed and pearled.
    Finale: rebalances pvp towards 1.8 style, tweakable
    ExilePearl: allows a pearled player to merely be exiled FROM an area instead of TO the end.
    Civchat: allows players to chat ingame to citadel groups.
    That’s about it for now. I hope to get access to the old civcraft 3.0 maps to use for multiworld, they were gorgeous.
    Hope to see you!

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