Server panel missing

  • Hello there.

    I have recently purchased a ‘Coal Plan’ minecraft server with unlimited players. But since I purchased it, the server panel is not displayed or shown in the ‘Client login’ page. I made a support ticket but it seems no one has replied yet after 6 hours.

    Can someone help me please?

    I have the PayPal and GGServer confirmation receipts if needed.

  • I have the same problem

  • From what I understand GGservers is based in Montreal and considering that it’s 4 am saturday morning and that we’ve purchased very budget conscious host I wouldn’t be concerned about a wait of under a day. However I have seen some issues on the forum about speed of access for new servers, I recommend patience. I also recommend GGservers includes a warning about how long activation might take as well as potential downtime and support inefficiencies for cheaper non premium servers when an account is created. Perhaps it might avoid a lot of hostility in the forum?

  • Will GGServers still consider the monthly payment every 30 days? It’s now another day and my server is still in ‘pending’ status. Meaning that if my server gets expired on 10th march and just got activated today, then it’s 29 days instead of 30 days (monthly) since the server has been up.

    I decided to request a refund as this is not the right host for me. But the refund policy stated we’re allowed to request refunds under 24 hours of payment. While I did request the refund several hours after payment, I just hope the GGServers support do not view my ticket after the 24 hours or they might say it’s been more than 24 hours yet I submitted the support ticket beforehand.

  • Mod

    @uyscutix The article Current Server Outages should explain a bit why the panels are down. However, everyday your server is down, will be pushed back for payment.

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