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  • NOTE: This thread is merely to provide actual facts. I am here to provide support to the community based on my experience. Don’t delete threads without even reading it.

    If you buy into GGServers service then there is one thing you need to know. They have horrendous customer support often taking days to respond to you and when they do, it’s a generated response.

    I hope this helps you and a quick google search will show you everyone else’s reviewal of their poor service. Hell, this thread will probably be deleted by these guys. Anyhow, I’m just here to help out the new guys that are considering GGServers and care for customer service, because you won’t get one.

    They deleted my old thread within 10 seconds and they still haven’t responded to my ticket after days? This shows their support. Rather than deleting, they could help me out, a customer of their service.

    I had also purchased a Los Angeles based server only for them to give me a server in Montreal with no Ram. I’ve been waiting days for their response to finally give me the service I had paid for.

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    Obviously, yes, we deleted your posts. Why would we want posts saying that we suck on our own forum? And yes, we did read your posts, and we are more than aware our support can take a little while. And also keep in mind the forum team isn’t the same as the support team, which is why we specifically say to not post tickets or PM us with issues. If we did that our system would be a mess.

    We take tickets very seriously, and we do everything we can to get through them all. Sometimes we can’t do that - we’ve explained why many times in the past. We are human. We have lives. No support is perfect, unfortunately things take time. Typically we recieve hundreds of tickets per day to varying degrees of urgency and complexity. We’re sorry you, the customer, get frusturated, but there’s not always a clear way to convey what we’re working on. See this.

  • Thank you for the response, at least one of their teams is hasty to helping others out. I will wait it out another day then make the decision to stay with GG or not.

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    Actually we all contributed to writing the reply, so I can’t take full credit. Regardless, please read the linked post and take that into consideration.

  • My personal experience is that they’ve answered my questions pretty fast (albeit I’ve only had 3). A major downside is that I rented a server from them and got 1 day (!) of playtime, followed by soon-to-be one week of downtime. And I notice they’ve been reluctant to give any information on how long it takes to fix an issue like this.

  • @nanodwarf We don’t know how long it takes, therefore we can’t tell you. Please see this link for more information.

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