• Hellio im 343_Gaming Gladly to Share My Almost Finished Server but Playable we are a 1.8.8 Balenced Cracked Factions Server rather than have Pay Win OP Gear we want to have Fairness Over Quality we dont want Unhappy Players to be Unhappy in our server we want you to have a server you can enjoy we have a GUI Shop easy to use you do /shop buy to pop up the Buy GUI or /shop sell to access the sell GUI we have friendly Staff and a Awesome Spawn we even are adding extra Wild Worlds if you dont want to be with the world you in but we hope you can enjoy are server all Suggestions and Requests are Always Accepted :D :) Join Us Now

    Copy and Paste and your Good to go

    Note: if The server Shutsdown Randomly or Not Connectable = Update

    Wait a Few mins and it should come back online

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