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  • I have submitted a few tickets but haven’t got a response back yet i have already completed my payment for a server and it has gone through but it is still in the pending state. It has been over a day now and i would like to know why it has taken so long when usually it is suppose to be instant after the payment has been completed.

  • Mod

    Usually, a ticket should be replied within 72 hours of the post. If you want to speed things up, I would recommend not to reply on the ticket. Every time you reply to the ticket, the 72 hours restarts, thus making it hard to respond to your ticket in time. Please PM me if the ticket closes due to no response.

  • Well this is not very efficient i have now just bought a second server hoping i would have at least one up and it is now pending as well waiting 72 hours is terrible. How am i suppose to support my community when i am 2 servers down ? This is wasting the time of my server and i will be shorted when the next bill cycle comes around

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