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    mc3, mc34, mc60, mc64

    We are aware of the issues and working with our provider to get the servers back on their feet.

    Disscussion can be held below. Downed panel list will be updated daily here.

    Threads regarding offline panels will be locked and then deleted. This not an issue the community can fix. (See here)

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    What is the issue with the France servers and what is the ETA on the servers getting back up? (estimated)

  • ive been getting a Auth error in my console all day and the panel loads so slow

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    Open a ticket.

  • @Jacob-Evans said in Current Server Outages:


    Open a ticket.

    KK ill send u a ticket to go look at i have another one that needs to be looked at heres the Ticket ID [Ticket ID: 836754] Wrong Hosting Location

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    “Please do not DM me ticket #s asking for priority.”

    This is litterally in his signature which is posted under every post that this Admin makes. Please do not clutter this topic with other than the server outage problem.

    @gmemstr Is there any update about the server outage yet?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Technically I’m a different Admin, but i just disable PMs to me unless i start one :)

    Anyway, back on topic: We are working towards a resolution with our upstream provider to this issue and the issue of how long it takes to get resolutions.

  • Given these panels have been down now for quite a few days and still no end of outage in sight; what sort of compensation well we be receiving?

    We have been paying for this downtime while getting next to no information as to cause of the problems, any plan of action to resolving these issues or even what is to be done to foster goodwill once these issues are resolved.

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    This post is deleted!

  • Why does panel 106 keep flickering on and off? I can occasionally log into the ftp long enough to get a file directory, but then it disconnects. Same with the multicraft console, sometimes no access, sometimes enough to issue a command.

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    @TheIronBucket mc106 has been rebooted, thanks for the heads up - apparently a server was using far more CPU than it needed to.

  • MC7 has been having ram issues, been trying to get GGservers to move me to an LA based server but no response yet.

  • I hope Panel 106 works soon…
    Coming close to one week of downtime…

  • Do you believe panel 91 is going to get up by friday at least? I’m just considering if it’s worth waiting , or if should request a panel change.

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    Requesting a panelchange has no use if you want to keep your files. It will be wiped in the process. (I got this information from a fellow customer, who already asked for a panel change somewhere in the communityforum.)

  • @Svenyboy Yes I know. I’m weighing waiting for an indefinite amount of time, or being able to play now - and deleting a day of playing minecraft. I have to say I’m leaning towards the latter atm.

  • @nanodwarf It’s disappointing that those are the only two options.
    Waiting or Deleting all progress and starting a new.
    I wonder if there was a way to remove the physical storage of the panels down and put them into panels that work, but I don’t really understand tech enough to know if thats even possible.

  • Still no reply to my above post or any form of regular update to the situation in even the smallest attempt to keep customers informed.

    Perhaps as a company GG servers need to reconsider just how communication internally is handled and then how relevant and important information is then given externally so customers are not kept in limbo. Moments of truth like this are highly important they can make or break a customers loyalty to the brand.

    So once again any update, any form of resolution in site, any time frame, any action plan to provide options, continued service or even just compensation to your customers or is it a case of ignore and hope for the best?

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    I just want to post something that I consider important information.

    Right now we have one - yes, one - person who is capable of bringing servers back online. Our CEO. Our datacenter providers are extremely slow when it comes to allowing other people access - I became a full sysadmin abou a few weeks ago and am still waiting for them to give me full access.

    Right now, all I can do is wait for them to do that. As much as I would love to snap my fingers and have the servers come back online, it’s a bit difficult when I don’t have fingers (that’s an analogy, I have fingers). Communication tends to be a bit cagey because we’re never really sure how to word what we want to say in a proffesional way. We absolutely discuss things like more social media interaction and giving customers more ways to get in touch. And we absolutely do see everything from those outlets.

    Yes, we know you are frusturated. And we would love to give more details on outages and such. We’re working on it, trust us. We don’t intentionally leave customers hanging high and dry.

  • @gmemstr Please tell me that we have not been sitting with a downed panel for 6+ days simply because Mr. Copeland hasn’t called the datacenter and asked to enable your access.

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