Almost 25% of all panels are down for more than 5 days?

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    Hey there,
    I am usually pretty patient and forgiving for server hosts to have some kind of connection or startup issues.
    When I purchased hosting with GG servers I had to manually activate my server. It took 4 days to do that, but it was ok… I thought it was just a inconvenience… now that gg servers is hosting my server for almost 4 weeks. (26 days). I have had the opportunity to play on it for exactly 18 days. 1/3 of the time the host was having issues…

    For the past 3 days almost 25% of all the panels are down (according to and I am losing my patience and some questions are rising, for instance,

    • why is nobody of Ggservers report on having some kind of issues?,
    • why does the panel go down?

    and more important,

    • why does the server go down for so long??!.

    Do we seriously need to make a ticket for GG servers to even notice that 15% of their services is not working?

    I know they are almost never paying attention to the forum, so i guess this will be copied in a ticket as well…

    Locked by @gmemstr (@GGServers-Staff): Please use official thread for down panel discussion. (Also issue seems to have been resolved)

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    Currently, lots of panels are down due to certain changes in our system. Feel free to read more about it on our GGServers Forums Overhaul post.

  • They appear to be an OVH reseller, based on the IP block ownership of my server. Maybe the problem is actually at OVH? I found some network status reports from OVH here, here, and here… though none appear to show issues in the datacenter where I’m hosted. Shrug.

    I too am losing patience. A little communication would go a long way.

    While I was writing this, you (MCXBPE) wrote the reply linking this outage to the forum overhaul. But I’m confused… what do the forums have to do with the minecraft panels? I have to imagine (hope) they’re on separate servers. There’s nothing in the post you linked that talks about changes to MC servers or panels.

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    @base10 Please read the first paragraph of the post.

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    I do not think that a succession in a company, as mentioned in the topic that you linked, can (or should) lead to 25% malfunction of the products that they are providing… in any way! And if it would, why don’t let the community or your clients know via an email or sticky post what is going on.
    It literally takes about 10 minutes to describe what is going on or why certain panels are failing…

    Leaving paying clients like this in the dark is outrageous, but that is just my opinion about it, I guess?

    And since the company is so “affordable”, I don’t think we can expect much, right?

    I want stay positive of course, since my little community is not that much of a deal, I take it all with a grain of salt.
    But what if you have a servercommunity with 100+ people on it, well it’s affordable, that’s for sure!



    I read it several times. Are you saying that the “several other things” he refers to are “all of our services and tools, including outage management and keeping the lights on”? The emphasis is in the wrong place if that’s what your user base was supposed to get out of it.

    Not to be critical, but focusing effort and attention on forum upgrades when core services are in jeopardy seems like misallocation of resources.

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    Oke, so I posted this exact issue into a ticket and got answered the following:

    Andi M.

    Hello Sven,
    We are aware of this issue and this will be fixed as soon as possible. We apologize for this error and any inconvenience this presents.

    Thank you for choosing GGServers.

    Andi Mitrache,
    Support Technician
    Plugin&Modpack Specialist.

    So at least they noticed the malfunction and are fixing it!

    Whoohoo, Party!

    Still, No clue what is going on, but now at least I know that they are still alive…

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    @Svenyboy @base10 Remember, I’m only a forums moderator. Meaning I do not have any control over the status of the servers. Although, like what @Svenyboy said, I can assure you it’s being fixed. By now if they aren’t up, then it must mean it’s something more serious. If you are really worried about the time it will take to fix this, I’m going to ask you to request a panel change. You must keep in mind, though to make a panel change, you will need to create a ticket (not post issues on the forums). Saying that the panels aren’t up on the forums usually has already been discovered, or been notified recently to one of our admins.


    My server is back up; hopefully Sven’s is as well.

    I hope you don’t take our displeasure personally - I recognize that you’re not a support tech and don’t control the prioritization. But you are, for better or worse, one of our only conduits for communication to or from the company - we both (and probably others as well) did file tickets and receive the same canned response. Better than nothing, but a far cry from real human interaction.

    My real goal with these communications is the hope that you recognize that we’re not unreasonable customers, and that you have a way to report the impact that the management’s process and communication decisions affect their customer base. Perhaps everything they’re doing will benefit us in the long run. Perhaps this was a massive server transfer investment that automates everything with tools that can automatically build or move services that fail. Hey, perhaps this outage is just what you get with this segment of the hosting market, and we can just suck it up. But the communication has been much less than clear, and although it’s not your personal responsibility, please do what you can to encourage others to improve on the state of the state. The more people striving for excellence (either on your team or in your customer base) the better, regardless of role.

    Thanks for staying engaged with us even when things are tough. Though it may not show, it’s appreciated.


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    @MCXBPE Oh, don’t you worry. This is not in any way directed at you. I know you are here to help us and i appreciate that. It shows GGservers a good example how to be supportive towards the community and the customers. Unfortunately my server hosted on panel 116 is still down, so as most of the other panels in France. So i guess this is a more serious problem than they thought so I think changing my panel to a different one will not do anything good.

    @base10 I totally agree with you. Since mine is still down, i will hold tight and let you know on the forums once things are settled. I sure as hell are going to advocate that they are adding the outage days back to the plan that I am purchasing.

    We’ll see how that goes.

    Keep you updated.

  • My server has also been effected by this.
    Panel 106 has been down almost 2 days. I did contact support as well, and switching panels results in total loss of a server so I guess it’s wait or lose everything.

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