• How do I know which panel my server is on?

  • On the ggservers home page, click Client Login, then the Services tab, then the service you’re asking about. Under the Manage tab halfway down the screen, you’ll find a link called “Go to Multicraft”. The first part of the domain name of the server that link goes to is the panel you’re on. In my case, that’s - so I’m on panel 49.

    If your server happens to be down or something, the link will still show you the right panel number even if the page doesn’t load.

    Good luck!

  • Mod

    Like what @base10 said, or you should also have been emailed your panel link.

  • @MCXBPE And if my server is still pending?

  • Mod

    @FK7 You can request a refund if you would like. Although, you would need to create a ticket.

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