Panel 49 is down!

  • HELP ME please!!!
    i have a lot of players in my server!
    so my server is off because the panel is down!!?
    how many time te panel will be down?

  • Mod

    I will tell the admins about this.

  • Any updates? I’m on 49 since Saturday and have filed a ticket (#180142, if that helps).

  • Mod

    I cannot give you an exact date when the panels will be up. Although, the reason why it might be taking a while is due to certain updates we are working on, as well as fixes. Feel free to read more about it on our GGServers Forums Overhaul post.

  • 49 is back up and running as of a few hours ago, for anyone watching this thread.

  • Thanks ggservers <3

  • Hi, the panel 64 is current offline too :bow_and_arrow:

  • 60 is also down

  • @JonasXPX said in Panel 49 is down!:

    Hi, the panel 64 is current offline too :bow_and_arrow:

    Panel 49 down only one time ;) for 2 hours

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