Setting password for the server

  • Dear Community,

    how can I set a password for the server? The FAQ is misleading as it states:

    Step 1. Log into your server’s control panel.

    I assume the multicraft online panel

    Step 2. Navigate to the server you want to set a server password on and click on Configuration Files

    there is a “Config Files” under the “Files” tab on the left but:

    Step 3. Now locate your main configuration file. By default it’s called server.cfg and it is located in the garrysmod/cfg folder.

    there is no “server.cfg” and no “garrysmod/cfg” anywhere, also on the FTP there is no comparable file.

    so all of the following from the knowledgebase does not apply, so help me: how can I set a password for the server.

  • Mod

    If I’m correct, you should already have a password for your server control panel. Although, if you want to change your password, please follow the instructions below:

    1. Login into your server control panel.
    2. Click “Profile” on the header of your control panel.
    3. Fill in the information instructed by the certain box, and click “Save”.

  • Not for the control panel, for the actual server. So that only those people can join the server who got the password and the IP

  • Mod

    Okay, I understand. So in the instructions you first posted, (step two) you would look under “Config Files” I believe. PM me if you still don’t understand the instructions.

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