MCIslands ★ PvP Survival Islands

    MCIslands - Survival Islands Based Server
    Server IP:

    Welcome to MCIslands, where the water and rain melt your skin. **MCIslands **is the ultimate hardcore survival island experience. Play solo or team up with friends to level up your island and complete a wide range of challenges in order to rankup. Don’t forget to vote each day to earn keys to open reward crates which contain a range of items from coal to enchanted tools and weapons.

    Features of
    ★ Skyblock styled survival islands
    ★ Water and rain which causes damage to players and mobs
    ★ Huge Island area for you to expand on
    ★ Hours and hours of challenges to complete
    ★ Server ranks based on completed challenges
    ★ Generate random ores from a Cobblestone generator
    ★ A large ingame shop (/shop)
    ★ Automated vote reward system (7 rewards per day)
    ★ CSGO-like crate system (Earn keys by logging in and voting)
    ★ Daily key reward system
    ★ Purchase particles and pets with ingame cash
    ★ Money drops from mobs and mining
    ★ Team up with your friends
    ★ Adventure to other players Islands using boats
    ★ A growing community
    ★ An awesome dangerous PvP Arena
    ★ Speed Parkour map

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