I have an issue

  • Okay so I set my server up as paperspigot 1.8.8 but when I got to connect to my server it says I need “paper 1.9”. So then I check the files and there is no paperspigot.jar file and I can’t upload my one because it’s too big. Is there nothing I can do, if not I would like a refund as if I cannot connect to paperspigot 1.8 then I have no use for the server.

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    What is your .jar file set at right now?

  • https://gyazo.com/1c3381ca3fd7545370858e75273bd354 but it only lets me connect in 1.9

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    Have you tried changing your world name and pressing enter? Also, you have no plugins added to this, correct?

  • Just changed the world name now, pressed enter, restarted the server and it’s still telling me to connect with 1.9.
    I have a custom paperspigot.jar file that I want to upload but I can’t. you see, while I was waiting for my server to be activated I was making the server on my pc with a console server. I just need to upload it all but I can’t. and to answer your other question, I have uploaded the config files for the plugins but not the .jar files yet (idk why I uploaded the config’s first)

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    @ThrowingSid So your server has been activated before? And all the sudden you can’t get on because it’s telling you to logon in 1.9 (Paperspigot)?

    If I’m correct about those questions, try changing your version to 1.8 Spigot, (after do the steps of saving the .jar file), and then try joining.

  • yea that works but I need paper spigot…

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    Paper Spigot and Spigot are very much alike. To be honest, unless you are going to have thousands of players on your server, I think you’ll be fine with Spigot.

  • I don’t think you understand, I am trying to make a factions server in which case paperspigot and spigot are different as paperspigot has a “fix cannons” feature in which spigot does not have. This feature allows those big cannons you see on youtube work, without those big cannons you are unable to raid a base which is the whole point of factions…

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    The features that Paper Spigot has and Spigot does not have can all be found in plugins. Since I’m not fully sure what specific features you are looking for, I can not assist you with any links towards any specific plugins. Although, like I was saying, if you’re only needing Paper Spigot for that one fix, I don’t think it’s worth the effort into trying to change versions, and just much easier to find a plugin that fixes it for you.

  • I can’t seem to find a plugin that does it, everytime I google for one it just links me to forums posts where people just reply, use paper spigot. I have the files and jar file for paper spigot, is there anyway I can upload that? I can’t upload it via FTP as the file size is too large.

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    @ThrowingSid To upload a .jar file, please read our Upload and Use a Custom JAR article.

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