few questions about storage & server down time

  • I’m new here and I’ve got some quick questions…

    1. I don’t know if it’s informed on the site but how much storage space do you get?
    2. Is it normal that the panels are down all the time, or are you guys just having problems for now?
    3. i’m using panel 97 and it’s down for 3 days now… does any of you have a update or something cos I like to know why so many panels are down… am kinda curious

    best regards Rémon Zander

  • Mod

    For your first question, in the article About Us - GGServers, we explain all about our hardware. About your second question, sometimes we do have a couple of panels down every now and then. Although, we currently have had a lot of panels being down due to our recent changes. We explain more about this in GGServers Forums Overhaul. Lastly, I can not tell you when Panel 97 will be up, all I can do is suggest that you request a panel change. To request a panel change, you must create a ticket about the issue. (Keep in mind that your files will be erased when you switch panels).

  • @MCXBPE thanks for the help!

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