Still haven't got my server

  • It’s been almost 48 hours. You guys took my money and I have not yet had my server activated. I’ve opened up a ticket and that has also not yet been reviewed

  • Mod

    I’m sorry about your ticket not being responded. I cannot do anything to speed up the process, and posting on the forums will not be much help either. In the post GGServers Forums Overhaul, it tells you why we are currently slow responding to tickets. All I can tell you is to be patient with us, and if your ticket closes, then just reopen it.

  • Is this taking up my money. Idk a better way of explaining but what I mean is since I bought the server on the 16th, and if my server get activated for example, on the 20th that’s 4 days of my money’s worth gone

  • Mod

    @ThrowingSid I believe the billing does not continue till you’ve activated your server.

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