Panel 83 down for 3 days

  • I’ve been waiting for 3 days now, neither the server nor the website is working… (ftp server)

  • @aCheeky-B****r I’m not happy, I brought the server 4 days ago and it’s only been on 1 Day!, I wish I had done more research before choosing this host as I have found so much bad reviews about their services and customer care, this is just ridiculous.

  • I haven’t even had my ticket responded to about it. They shouldn’t advertise 24/7 support when it isn’t. They can’t even announce that they sorting an issue out.

    I saw a moderator yesterday reply to someone saying the panel’s down with response ‘I’ll like the admins know’… It’s like they didn’t have a clue in the first place.

  • @RespiteTweets I know they haven’t replied to my ticket either, i am sick of this.

  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

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    Like I said, I can tell the admins about this, but I don’t have control over the panels. Complaining about the panels being down does not help. If you want to take action you can create a ticket. If you are complaining that your ticket hasn’t been replied to, then most likely you keep replying to it. Please wait 3 days for your ticket to be replied to without posting messages on it. Every time you post a message on your ticket, you bump it up in the queue, thus it never gets seen.


    That’s not what is happening ( in my case, sorry to hijack but I have to explain myself because my previous post was hidden by some mod). I am not replying to my tickets.
    Also wait 3 days? for real?

    Here’s what happened:
    A ticket asking about the refund policy got answered within an hour. An actual ticket asking for the refund has not been answered in 2 days along with my ticket on the original technical issue which along with the refund rules pushed me to ask for said refund.

    My understanding is that this company is greatly understaffed, and obviously whatever personnel you have solves the easiest tickets first, they don’t simply order them by time.
    Also, to reiterate. there is no way for me to cancel the recurring billing while the server is still in pending status. This is simply madness! I am being held a d**n hostage by a hosting service. The irony.

  • We have every right to be complaining when our panels are down for multiple days in a row. Mine has been down for FIVE. Five days. And most of us create a ticket just be told ‘we know’. All that is doing is clogging up the ticket queue as well. So that in itself is a double edged sword. There is no real reason that the panels should be down for nearly a WEEK with no ETA on when they’ll be back up.

    We are venting frustration as is understandable. Also, some of us, like myself, complained about ticket response times when nothing was added to the original ticket to push it down in queue. I have up to 6 people asking me almost every day what is going on and I can’t tell them anything other then what has transpired already. Posting about it also gives other people a possible heads up that things don’t seem to be getting done in a timely manner at this hosting company and may prevent someone else from having our headache.

  • D**n straight!

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