I can not get to my control panel.

  • I bought my server today and I have not received information on where and how to log into my server to get into the files

  • Does it show up as pending under your services?
    I paid for a recurring monthly server yesterday, 24 hours ago, and the service has been "pending’ ever since. I made 1 ticket almost immediately, but I never received a response. I was then obliged to ask for a refund, because if you read their refund policy you can only get it within 24 hours. No response to that either. Curiously enough, my question for a clarification on the refund was answered immediately.

    My guess? They answer the easy questions and leave everything else for last.

    Now here is the scary part:
    There is no way to cancel the recurring fee if the service hasn’t come online (isn’t pending). There is literally no interface option for it. This is a gross oversight. You are practically a hostage.

    Also: your credit card info is saved into the system, there is also no way to delete payment methods.

    Think of this information what you want.

  • @Nicholas-Jordan When your server is setup by ggservers manually you will receive an email containing all the details and where to login. It took me 1 week for my server to be setup the times varies. If did not receive email login and to this page https://ggservers.com/billing/clientarea.php?action=emails. @andy_009 There is way to cancel the recurring fee please see this article https://ggservers.com/billing/knowledgebase/23/Cancel-Your-Service.html

  • Are you some sort of moderator or simply a wanna be?

    To clarify for anyone who might be reading in the future. I had knowledge of the method of cancelation, and the article that the user Otharis linked above me. However, if your service is in pending status, there is no way to cancel the recurring fee. Theoretically this means that if your server remains in pending status for a month, you will not be able to cancel the second billing, unless you somehow manage this with your bank.
    What are the chances that this happens? Low I suppose, but I’ve seen posts where users had to wait many days. In any case, its unacceptable that you cannot remove your payment info / cancel the recurring fee regardless of the service status.

  • Mod

    @andy_009 No, @Otharis is not a moderator wannabe, he is just trying to help. Also, everything is correct on what he posted, but if you want to cancel your server, you will have to wait till you get a response on a ticket. Posting on the forums will not speed up the process. @Nicholas-Jordan here is somethings you can do to help us fix your problem:

    1. Make a ticket about it, posting errors like this on the forums will not resolve anything.
    2. Be patient. I understand you’ve been waiting for a while, but in our GGServers’ Forums Overhaul, we explain why the tickets have been delayed lately and why sometimes you don’t receive your setup information.
    3. Make sure when you post a ticket, you only post one. If you have two tickets open at the same time with the same error, it will just slow the process even further.

    As for your problem @andy_009, our Terms of Service states that you are eligible for a refund within 24 hours of your server being up and running (not when you paid for it). If your server is still not running, you may request for a refund.

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