More than 3 days down, this is just ridiculous

  • When the servers run they run well, 0 lag, no problems, but so far the server has been up 3 days and down 6 days, just unbelievable, and who knows, the server might still be down tomorrow or the day after.

    I need a full refund.

  • im in the same boat as you

  • I am extremely frustrated right now. It took 24hrs for them to send me a one sentence ‘We’re working on it’ type reply to a ticket for MY WORLD FILES. I don’t even care about anything else at this point. I just want my world zip filed and sent to me. And not the one I packed up two days prior. I responded asking nicely a second time for my zip file which has went unanswered for another 31hrs.

    I have multiple friends asking wtf is going on and all I can do is keep apologizing that it’s taking so long.

  • My server has been down for 17 days and I’ve been attempting to communicate with them every single day since. I’ve had to send in a dispute with PayPal and all they did was call me a liar despite me showing they took my money from PayPal automatic payments, and then suspended my account for non-payment and won’t turn it back on and credit/refund my money. They are ignoring all my attempts to contact them, so I wouldn’t expect much from customer care.

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