FTP not working on Panel 47

  • I purchased a secondary service two days ago that is on panel 47. I am unable to upload anything to FTP, via either the browser or desktop ftp clients. When I run “setup” in Multicraft, it fails to create the jar because for some reason, both Multicraft and my ftp log in do not have permissions to access files on panel 47.

    Everything is perfectly fine on my primary service (which is on panel 57). I understand that it took about a day to set up my first service, but now its been two days since. I’ve put in a ticket, and did not receive a response, which I find odd since its a week day. If this was the weekend, I wouldn’t care as much. Is there anyone on the forums that can offer me any assistance getting into contact with someone to allow me to actually use my service, or do I need to just cancel and move on? I’ve had my primary server here for over a year, I don’t want to move on, but I can’t be left in a the dust unable to use something I’m paying for.

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