Cannot find atcrundee.jar?

  • I j
    Had this but does any one kbow somutions

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    Are you looking for “Crundee Craft”?

  • Yes but it is not happening to me as you know boomerang1624 has the same issue iam trying to help him out but i couldnt find a solution i hope you help us Thank you.

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    So I’m still confused about your error. You cannot find the ATLauncher? Or it’s not loading up?

  • Oh Sorry So whats basically happening is that whenever my friend launches the server turns it on the console says cannot find atcrundeecraft.jar so the server doesnt start it is missing something if you know could you please reply our group relies on you :D

    Thank you!

  • If anyone knows a fix please tell me because we are kind of bored and if i dont get this fixed i would say this is not a good server hosting!

  • There is is folder in FTP called “jar” Place the jar file there in the folder and rename this in shown images Then start the server if that does not work place the jar file in the main folder. I hope this help :)

  • Thank you very much if this works you are the best! Thank you!

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