server still down

  • ok this is rediculous my servers yet again been down all day… I WANT MY SERVER NOW!!!.. im paying for a f****** month and at this point only getting a week or so. At this point i wouldnt be mad but no body had the decency to even reply to my ticket hats been open for the last 7 hours …

  • correction 10 hours -_- even more rediculous

  • Mod

    I can reply to your ticket if you want, but like I said. I don’t have control over the ticket system. All I can do is show this message to one of the admins, but that isn’t a guarantee it will speed up the process.

  • @MCXBPE i appreciate it but honestly im just angry that my servers been down all day again and its complete radio silence besides u who seems to be the only one talking

  • my server has been down all day too panel 102.

  • More than a day now and still no server no nothing …why am i paying for something thats consistently down with no explaination for days on end

  • ok im fed up now i have a payment dispute in with paypal now i want my money back

  • @ganon My 2GB server was suspended for non-payment 15 days ago. My payment was made via PayPal autopay just as it has every single month for nearly two years. I have multiple servers too. They have not responded to my billing support ticket. They have not responded to any of my emails. They have not responded to my PayPal dispute ticket. If you have your account maintained through PayPal, I highly recommend you cancel auto-payments because they will still keep taking your money and not give you the service you are paying for. They are also tacking on late fees despite them taking my money on time.

    I keep getting told they are bringing my messages on this forum to management’s attention. Seriously, do yourself a favor and submit a payment dispute with PayPal. PayPal will eventually refund your money and they will go after GG Servers. If they have enough complaints, PayPal will revoke any contractual agreement allowing GG Servers to use this payment method. Maybe only then will GG Servers take notice that they can’t treat good standing customers like this without consequence.

  • @mwilson1977 finally someone said it imean ive been with em since what seems like the beginning they used to be my favorite host but now im just disgusted

  • @ganon said in server still down:

    @mwilson1977 finally someone said it imean ive been with em since what seems like the beginning they used to be my favorite host but now im just disgusted

    It is awful. I completely agree with your comment. Be warned though, GG Servers has finally responded to my PayPal dispute claim and they basically called me a liar, so take screenshots of everything. Go into your client area and take a screenshot of your suspended account. Send all that info to PayPal. We’ll probably take a hit on our credit report too, so be prepared to provide evidence so that your FICO score doesn’t get negatively affected for the next seven years because of GG Servers business ethics.

  • I took screenshots of this forum too as I anticipate our threads to eventually be removed just as my comments and ability to leave comments on GGServers Facebook page have been removed. Look me up if you have the time. My Minecraft user ID is mwilson914 and you can contact me on I also have a webpage “mwilson914 dot jimdo not net”. I’ll send you my email address and we can further communicate. We can compose a class action lawsuit if it comes to that, as there seems to be plenty of others that are being dragged through the coals.

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