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  • I can’t access the status of any of the panels, nor can I access my control panel for my server, or my server. Is this something happening for everyone, or am I alone in this matter? just wondering.

  • You aren’t alone in that. Panel 94 which my server is hosted on (mc94 is on the url bar is the only way I can figure that’s where it is.) went down earlier this morning/afternoon. Played another game for a couple hours, now I can’t even connect to the status page.

    Was hoping to at least catch when my panel came back up so I could snag the ZIP of my world for myself before I asked for a switch, now I’m curious if any of them are up.

  • I just recently bought a Minecraft server from GGHosting i purchased the iron plan and i went to my pannel and i tried to start the server and it wont start it says it is started and whenever i go to bukkit plugins it gives me an error code

  • Mod

    I’m truly sorry about these errors. For the panels, all I can tell you is to make a ticket about a panel change. While for the Status page, I have told the admins about it. Hopefully, we can get it back up soon.

  • @ret15 It has been over 24 hours, and I still have not been able to access my server, and I’m beginning to become more and more frustrated. All I want to be able to do is play this game with my friends.

  • @ret15 u and me both…except its beed just about 42 hours for me …this is rediculous…ive already got a ticket in for getting my server up or being completely rrefunded so i can find another host

  • It has now been over 48 hours, and still nothing has changed. I will most likely keep posting here daily until this actually gets fixed, which hopefully will be soon…

  • It’s been 5 days for me

  • I can’t even put a ticket in anymore, their website is down as well. I might want a refund -_-

  • I know this is resurrecting a dead thread but I have located a server status link at

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