Server down again, panel 94.

  • My server is once again down. Panel 94. Multicraft panel down. 2 days ago the server was down for 1 and a half day, I hope this isn’t the case again. You guys also told me you would change me to another Panel and send me a zip file but I didn’t receive nothing. You guys also told me I would receive some type of compensation but didn’t tell me anything at the end.

    Is this something that happens constantly?

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  • Mod

    I will try to contact the admins about this!

  • Once again ur on top of things mcx

  • @ganon @manmanman Same with me, again. I’m nearing the point of demanding a refund because half of my server ownership has been this joke.

  • I agree its rediculous ive had my server bout a week and a half and only played a few days

  • 24hrs later. Still can’t access my server. I’ve since put in a ticket to at least have them zip file the world up for me. :/ This is my first week here and this is a very bad first impression.

  • If it makes u feel better this is my 5th server wit em and the only one that ive had this much of a problem with

  • 48hrs now. Ticket has been sitting 24hrs+. (#188990) I don’t care that I just probably lost three dollars on a hosting company that seems to be imploding on itself right now, I just want my world zip file. I can’t even access it through the FTP. The server crashed in the middle of myself and friends playing that day with no way for me to zip up the world to the snapshot of what we’d been doing. I just want an archive file.

    Getting absolute radio silence from the people in charge is really unacceptable.

  • @manmanman completely agree this is completely unacceptable

  • Four days this panel has been down. This is extremely frustrating. Finally got a response asking about my files. They can’t even access things while it’s down, I guess that’s understandable. But, nice to know they don’t back anything up. :/ What kind of hosting company doesn’t have files of paying customers backed up somewhere?

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