What are good Survival Plugins?

  • I have a 12 player slot survival server for just me and some friends what are some good plugins to make are survival experience better.

  • If you mean server plugins (so just server-side stuff), McMMO gives players some goals and a sense of progression for small benefits as they continue to do various tasks (woodcutting, combat with specific weapon types, and other such “class”-based activities)… though it does allow players to produce more resources (I generally don’t consider it a problem since it’s not easily 4x all ores like other mods can cause). I find it to be rather unobtrusive compared to other class/progression server plugins too.

    However if you mean full-on client+server modding, Mo’Creatures (adds a ton of new enemies and wildlife) along with Tinker’s Construct (custom tools and weapons) can really flesh out the survival game, giving new (and stronger) enemies and new customized ways to fight them (customized weapons and new weapon types). Could also add in Natura for some additional trees and stuff if people like wildlife, or even Forestry instead if people want more complex interaction with flora/fauna than just vanilla growing and admiring.

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