Server Setup Time?

  • Any information on the average setup time? Been waiting 2+ hours and thought it would have been much quicker

  • Mod

    I cannot give you an exact time, but please be patient with us. Also make sure you don’t open more than one ticket at a time for the same problem.

  • Is there any chance of refunds as the company has advertised a 24/7 support and I have had non from the ticket system yet and I have pad for a server for 1 month yet I have not had access to it yet so I would like to delay my next payment for the server until one month after my server has become active if this is at all possible

  • Mod

    @424600 When we say “24/7 Support” we mean that our support section is always open and never down. If you would like a refund, please make sure you go over our Terms of Service, and then make a ticket about it.

  • I’ve been waiting over 24 hours and it seems that others have waited even longer. I’d request a refund but that’d probably take longer.

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