2GB server account suspended for non-payment

  • My 2GB server was suspended on 1/27/2017. The automatic payment of $6.00 was withdrawn from my PayPal account several hours earlier before the suspension notice email. I have attempted communication by sending an email every single day since 1/27/2017 to resolve this issue and I have not had any other response from GG Servers other than overdue notices for payment.

    Today I got my third and final notice email and I am being charged late fees now. There are also zero updates in my billing support ticket.
    [Ticket ID: 224161] You have suspended my 2GB server account for non-payment even though I am on autopay.

    My Facebook comment on GG Servers post was deleted.

    I have opened a transaction dispute with PayPal and have extensive notes recorded in the dispute ticket for historical documentation.

    I would have preferred this customer support issue would have been resolved in an ethical manner, but I am left with no choice than involve a 3rd party to intervene to refund my money. I do not understand why I am having such a bad customer experience from GG Servers whom I’ve been doing service with for nearly two years for multiple servers. I have cancelled all future automatic payments and will ensure all services are cancelled as this support issue is unacceptable.

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    Did you have enough money in your account to pay the monthly $6?

  • @MCXBPE Yes. The money was withdrawn. It comes straight out of my checking from PayPal…

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    Please PM me.

  • Still ZERO updates in the ticket. 10 days now with a suspended account despite the timely payment on January 27th.alt text

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  • GG Servers suspended my account 10 days ago despite having the on-time payment on January 27th of $6.00. There have been no updates in GG Servers ticket 224161 and there have been no emails or other forms of communication from GG Servers responding to my issue. Almost half a month of no service that I paid for on time and I’m being charged late fees. Issue has been escalated through PayPal.

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    @mwilson1977 I have told the managers about this, hopefully I can get back to you with someone to help you with your situation.

  • @MCXBPE Still not a single attempt by management to address this issue other than late fees. I appreciate your timely responses, but management is showing they do not care about me as a customer. Paypal whom I escalated this issue already still has no response from GG Servers. My customer care billing ticket has ZERO feedback from GG Servers. I have checked my email including the spam folder and not one single email from GG Servers to address my issue. It appears my business for multiple servers for a couple years means nothing. This is seriously ridiculous and completely unacceptable.

  • Still no updates. Still late fees. Still being punished for being a great customer for the past couple years. I’m filing a report with the Better Business Bureau. I’m looking into any and all legal action I can take against GG Servers.

  • Since I have not got any level of support at all to resolve this issue, I’m reaching out to everyone I can through social media to spread my customer experience with GG Servers and also report and file the collected documentation I have in making sure all legal options are effectively carried out. What other options have you guys left me? There has been absolutely ZERO forms of communication from GG Servers except from the forum moderator MCXBPE. The only other notifications I have received are through email that I am being charged late fees.–late fees and a suspended account for half a month now for never missing a payment and always paying on time for multiple accounts for several years.

    This is the worst customer experience I’ve ever had with a company. It’s sad really as I used to promote GG Servers as often as I could, but now I need to make rounds of apologies to a number of people for misrepresenting the reality of service.

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    I’m sorry. I tried my best to contact them with this, but they are really busy.

  • @MCXBPE said in 2GB server account suspended for non-payment:

    I’m sorry. I tried my best to contact them with this, but they are really busy.

    I appreciate your timely responses. You are doing what you can.

  • Still no updates from GG Servers to resolve my issue. I got a new invoice notification and they automatically took payment for my other 4GB server. Funny, that one doesn’t have an issue with my money, but the 2GB server on the same PayPal account is fine. Takes money, suspends service and charges late fees and won’t return service or acknowledge any attempt of my communication requesting them to resolve this issue.

  • @MCXBPE It has been officially half a month today that my account was suspended despite me paying on time. There are no updates in the ticket. I have no emails still. PayPal still has not got a response from GG Servers. Seriously, what the heck is going on? This level of customer service is totally unacceptable.

  • So GG Servers has told PayPal they digitally delivered my service, so does this mean GG Servers is calling me a liar? I have all documentation to prove GG Servers suspended my account after they gladly took my money as usual via PayPal auto-pay. My account is still in a suspended status for “non-payment” as of 2/11/2017. Even if this account ever becomes unsuspended, I paid for service that I have not received for over half a month.

  • I have posted screenshots of my client area showing the suspended account info for “non-payment” and another screenshot of my successful PayPal automatic payment transaction from January 27th 2017. I most definitely have been a great customer, never missing a payment nor have I ever been late on a payment. I am being treated like garbage.

  • It has been 18 days now since my account was suspended for “non-payment”. I still have the $6 missing from my bank account from January 27th 2017 when GGServers gladly took my automatic payment.

  • Since management still has not responded to my issue I’ve opened tickets with all departments and will continue to do so until my refund has been given.

    Original Ticket #224161
    Ticket Created #900370
    Ticket Created #327536
    Ticket Created #324115
    Ticket Created #730561

    I guess I need to open tickets with all departments? There has been zero updates in my billing support ticket. My service has been suspended for 18 days now and all my attempts to communicate with your company have been completely ignored. I want my money back. You guys have only responded to one means of communication and that was through my paypal billing dispute. You guys called me a liar by stating you digitally delivered my service, but it is still suspended and I still have late fees.


  • GGServers

    • Do not open multiple tickets
    • Do not reply to your own ticket to try to bump it, that’s not how it works

    That said, I have someone looking into this.

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