Ive put in a ticket for a refund my friends.

  • Ive been with you guys for less than 24 hours now panel 94 has been down since 12:30 my time its now 9:02 PM I have put in multiple tickets, you guys have not got back to me on any of them. In all its been aaround 9 hours now and I should have had some form of answer on at least ONE of the FOUR tickets Ive put in. I feel this is necessary as you guys have not been on top of your support by any means. Ill probably not leave you a nice review either. All I saw was bad reviews to begin with and I gave you the benefit of the doubt as I do with everyone and everything. The doubt was there in the beginning which was less than 24 hours ago which was my initial launch and here it is been almost a day and panel 94 is still down.

  • https://gyazo.com/759b1db23faeef7e589e63452fb190ba Images of my ticket before I submit it for a refund its timestamped with my current time.

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