Server Pending Approaching 4th Day

  • So I purchased a server almost four days ago and it is still stuck at pending. I’ve submitted two tickets the day of and the day after purchase and no response to either yet. This is getting kind of ridiculous having to wait this long for response and no service.

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    This post is deleted!

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    I’m truly sorry this has happened, I will try to get the ticket management staff to work on this, but I am only a forums moderator. Also, when making tickets, make sure you don’t make two at once, due to it slowing down the response of your ticket.

  • same thing happened to me but my ticket auto closed for some reason now i hve to reply and reset my ticket this is bullshit

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    @Zinn I’m sorry about this, I don’t have much power with the tickets. Your ticket also “Auto-Closed” due to no one replying to it in 72 hours.

  • Hello, thank you for trying to get staff to work on answering my ticket. One ticket has been open for over 72 hours with no response and has not been auto-closed, not sure if it’s even showing up in your database. Also, it states that we are unable to request a refund if it has been over 24 hours since purchase shows up in your database. Meaning that I would not be able to request a full refund would I? I’m somewhat patient and understand if you guys are understaffed but there comes a point when I can’t keep waiting with no end in sight. Am I still able to request a refund? I’m willing to wait another day or two max before I begin looking elsewhere for a server. Thank you.

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    @Zaraxas Feel free to PM me and I can explain to you all about what our refund policy is.

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