Server pending longer than usual

  • Hello. I have been your customer 2 times in the past and I ordered a new server recently. I was estimating a 2 hour wait time, but now it was over 8 hours. Is there anything wrong with the servers?

  • There’s nothing wrong with the servers, the staff team rarely checks anything regarding tickets or server management. Expect a few days before an official reply. You might get a reply from a moderator on here, but they are only capable of moderating the forums, not managing anything that you have purchased.

  • Mod

    @Zacriel is right, although I’m not the most active one out of the staff team, I just have fewer responsibilities to do meaning my response isn’t a guarantee that your problem will be resolved. Also, our staff team does check the tickets a lot, but there is just so many tickets for so few workers that not everyone can get their server working or ticket responded instantly.

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