Can't connect to daemon

  • I keep getting "Can’t connect to daemon (111: Connection Refused). When I try to do anything on my multicraft. It was working fine last night went to turn it on today and this starting happening.

  • im getting the same

  • Mod

    This error means that it could not be running in general. I would suggest you make a panel change, but I’m not really familiar what the daemon does in the first place. Are you trying to set up a custom IP, or log into your server in the first place?

  • A GGServers system admin needs to log into the physical server and run the command

    “/home/minecraft/multicraft/bin/multicraft -v start”

    and that’ll fix it for everyone, right now all servers on that machine/node/panel are offline until they resolve that.

    I would just put in a ticket and title it daemon error. I personally think having to switch panels would be annoying, especially if this happens more than once when there is usually an easier solution. From what I understand the system admins at ggservers who have that much access are small in numbers, so generally to the people answering the tickets it’s easier for them to just move everyone who has a server on that panel to a different one.

    Afaik when the multicraft daemon crashes you loose your FTP access too until someone restarts it thus bringing everything back online. This can be an issue if they are moving you to a different panel and you don’t have a backup.

  • GGServers

    Typically while this does sometimes fix the issue it is possible there is another more urgent issue we need to investigate. You are correct in assuming that a small number of us have unlimited access to panels via SSH, but I am working to resolve this. We do still require you to open a ticket so we can handle this though as we can then pull information to see what panel you are on etc. We also have server monitoring applications so we can tell when a panel does go offline.

  • @MCXBPE I was trying turn the server back on after it had previously already been working. It seems to be fine now though.

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