Sent two tickets and no reply yet.

  • Wondering if anyone here has a solution. My server crashes on load and says this:

    27.01 15:43:34 [Server] INFO # /hs_err_pid15766.log
    27.01 15:43:34 [Server] INFO # An error report file with more information is saved as:
    27.01 15:43:34 [Server] INFO # Native memory allocation (mmap) failed to map 535298048 bytes for committing reserved memory.
    27.01 15:43:34 [Server] INFO # There is insufficient memory for the Java Runtime Environment to continue.
    27.01 15:43:34 [Server] INFO #

    I don’t want to waste my time and money on a product that doesn’t work, so can I get any solutions?

  • Exactly the same situation here.

  • Exact same problem. They owe me $19. Simply said, you got a server assigned which is set with the limited amount of ram you bought, but the server doesn’t have more ram allocated. That’s why it can’t start.

  • Mod

    May I ask why you sent two tickets? You only need one ticket to get their attention. Also, this could be that because GGServers has a small staff team, that you may need to be patient. As well as other reasons why they haven’t gotten back to you. For example: What if they’re already working on resolving their issue, but you are slowing the process down by sending in another ticket for the same problem?

  • @MCXBPE Please you are so funny :D Is it a joke or what?

  • Banned

    Exactly the same issue, i’ve bought a server and it’s like i’ve given them my money for nothing…
    If they do decide to pull their fingers out i’ll either want the 2 days i’ve missed out added to my service or a full-refund cause this is a joke

  • GGServers

    @asduchas said in Sent two tickets and no reply yet.:

    @MCXBPE Please you are so funny :D Is it a joke or what?

    Anyone who submits two tickets actually makes it worse as it clogs up our ticketing system and make it take longer to find your original ticket and merge them, it makes things slower for not only you but everyone else who needs support.

  • Banned

    @Austin Any chance of turning on my server please? i’ve been waiting 3 days now, my server is waiting to be released and i can’t do that until i have server hosting, i need it activating or my money refunded as i’m not getting what i’m paying for

  • GGServers

    @AshoneCraft Is it pending or not running?

  • Banned

    @Austin It’s pending, been pending for the last 3 days :(

  • GGServers

    @AshoneCraft Pm me

  • @Austin My server has been pending for three days also. The ticket I opened about the issue was just closed due to no response in over 72 hours.

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