How to run a server with more memory? (Java Arguments)

  • What I’m asking is how to do the whole “Xmx / Xms” Java argument thing when your server is hosted elsewhere. I’m pretty sure that even though I got 512MB that it’s still actually using 256MB (minecraft default, pretty sure).


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    GGServers hosting doesn’t let you add more memory for free. If you’re talking about vanilla hosting then you’re in the wrong place.

  • I just told you that I bought a server that has 512MB, but I don’t think the JAR file is set to use the full memory value is the issue.

    The server even throws the error:

    26.01 16:55:49 [Server] WARN To start the server with more ram, launch it as “java -Xmx1024M -Xms1024M -jar minecraft_server.jar”

    Though that’d be a gig which I don’t have, but I assume it’s throwing that warning because the memory is the default 256 or 128 or something.

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    No, that error shows that you are implementing too much into the server and it can’t hold it all.

  • That’s awfully strange considering that it’s happening with no players in the game (immediately happening upon startup) and it’s a map less than 150MB large overall. I’m using PaperSpigot if that’s relevant. No plugins at all, we play vanilla other than the fact that we use Paper and Optifine to optimize the game.

    I’m using a custom JAR file (uploaded it via FTP). I think it’s best I know how to add the java arguments so that I can ensure it’s using the full 512. I figure the ones they provide are probably properly configured but since I’m using one I acquired and uploaded myself (because they don’t have the latest PaperSpigot available) I figured this is likely important to ask.

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    There is no “secret code” to making sure the server is using all of it’s RAM, you need to check to see if your panel is even working in the first place, and that there isn’t other sources that are taking up the RAM like the worlds, and etc…

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