How long does a server pend.

  • I was wondering how long a server is labeled as pending before it goes up.

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    Depending on how busy the staff team is, I would say it shouldn’t take longer than 3 days.

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    @MCXBPE 3 Days lol, it should be the same day that you buy the service, now i don’t know if i’m the only person who’s noticed this but the “STAFF” are none existant right now, not responding to anybodys tickets nor activating services… considering this is a well known business it’s not acceptable that it’s being ignored.

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    The staff isn’t inactive, there is just not enough to keep up. If you would like to support the team by joining them, here is the page to do so. Job Application

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    @MCXBPE Says there’s 20 employees or more if i recall, either way i purchased my server 3 days a go now, not heard a peep from a single member of staff… That’s real bad service, i’d understand if it was hours for a response but days… a server with a dedicated ip should be setup instant, even that was said by ggservers themselves…

  • I am having the exact same issue. How can you say it “shouldn’t take longer than 3 days?” It should not take longer than three hours, actually. The customer service is unacceptable. I opened a ticket almost 72 hours ago on my server pending and still have yet to get a response from ANYONE! What kind of service is that??? Especially with a dedicated IP address. If their staff team is “backed up” then they should either hire more help, or have a more efficient support method. It is outrageous that so many people are affected by this. This is a payment = product arrangement. Not a payment = processing arrangement. I am seriously considering switching hosts if I do not get any reply in the next 24 hours. You should do the same.

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    @Helms It really is becoming annoying now i paid for my server on the 27th, they call themselves a business… it says on their about us sectin they have 20+ employees working worldwide… well where are they then cause 3 days on a support ticket without a reply is a joke… i’ve submitted 3 tickets overall starting to just want a refund now and go elsewhere

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    @AshoneCraft It depends on what department you send it two, addon department is separate from the others, and no one else is actually able to do those tickets because they are not trained on them. Sales is another division on their own and once again, only sales members are trained on sales.

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