Purchased a server 2 days ago, still not running

  • Hey there,

    I’ve rented a server 2 days ago, tried to setup Resonant Rise, the console returns insufficient memory errors, which is something I can’t fix.
    I’ve opened a ticket but they don’t seem to check tickets.

    Anyone else with the same issue?

  • I am having the same issue. After spending some time surfing through their forums and posts on the internet this is a wide spread issue. I have yet to see a reply from any of their staff to anybody in a while. If they don’t step it up I will be demanding a refund. Its not like i actually care about the money but I am not in the habit of giving money to people for a job when they refuse to do it.

  • Exactly my thoughts, I’ve already had paypal contact them, the next step will be a refund if I’m not getting this fixed any time soon. I can understand them having issues but at least notify your customers.

  • When you guys bought the server how long did it take to become available because I purchased a 3gb server and it just says pending and I can’t even use it even though I got a invoice saying I paid for it .

  • @NitroSauce Same here, currently waiting.

    Now wishing I had gone with a different host. If there’s a way to refund a purchase I’d love to know.

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    This post is deleted!

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