Can you upload your existing map? Also, a few extra questions.

  • Just a quick question before I buy anything - Can I upload an existing map for use on the server?

    This is a server just for me and one other friend really, on a map that’s currently less than 100MB large and I can’t imagine it ever reaching 512MB. We’ve had this map since 2010 (and have had to jump through quite a lot of hoops to keep it working up until now).

    The reason we want a host is now he lives far away and we’d like to both be able to get on the map still. He’s doing college on the East coast of Canada and I’m in Indiana, so I figure the Montreal server is probably best for us.

    Anyway, I guess what I figured I’d ask is if we can host our existing Minecraft map on here.

    Also, what’s with the Minecraft extensions now anyway? Is Bukkit still the thing, or does Spigot basically replace it? Does Spigot work with Bukkit plugins? And what of Paper Spigot?

    Honestly we’re not exactly add-on crazy or anything and have been playing vanilla Minecraft, but I recall the add-ons being a bit fun when we tried them at least. I figure if Spigot works with Bukkit plugins and Paper Spigot is just a further optimized Spigot then I’ll put on Paper Spigot. My understanding from reading is that it also optimizes the vanilla minecraft stuff too, right?

    Lastly, we use Optifine in our clients. I do hope that the server will work fine with that and allow render distances of up to 32.


  • So… nothing?

  • GGServers

    Yes, you will just have to upload the map yourself and set it in multicraft, as for spigot it’s more of a toss up. It should optimize vanilla as well, and optifine shouldn’t cause any issues. Loading chunks for the most part isn’t that server intensive unless a chunk is corrupt in which case the server would crash every time it’s rendered.

  • Not sure what multicraft is but I guess I’ll find out.

    Yeah we’ve had issues with corrupt chunks before, but I fixed them by forcing them to reload using MCEdit.

    I guess my goal is to get a server uploaded and using PaperSpigot, guess that’s what I’ll do.

    Which plans support uploading my map and how much memory would 2-3 players ever use maximum? Assume that we use a draw-distance of 32 and we’re all in totally different places loading different parts of the map simultaneously.

  • Also, can you elaborate on what “Premium Hardware” really means? Does it just mean being put on memory that has a higher operating frequency (1600Mhz vs 1333Mhz)? I mean that difference isn’t really that big or noticeable is it? And most computers I see now are made with 2000+ Mhz anyway…

    Anyhow, dunno about it all, but figure I may go for Grass Premium for the heck of it.

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