Consider this before you complain

  • Before you complain that they aren’t getting to your support ticket fast enough it’s smart to consider these things.

    1.Timezone difference- This is a basic thing to consider. They are based out of Montreal, so if your timezone is severely different, that will affect the response time

    2.Small Staff- From what I have observed it seems they don’t have a huge staff, so there is a pecking order that goes by oldest tickets first.

    1. Specific support- When you complain that they didn’t get to you in a “timely fashion” for that complete server setup you were asking for it’s because out of all their staff for everything, there’s only a small section dedicated to the solution that you are needing. Nothing is automated I don’t think, so you have to expect some delay.

    4.They’re humans- If you are expecting them to get right on your ticket 3 hours after you pay for your server and send in a ticket, you’re expecting the impossible. They’re not robots possessing everything instantly as you pay for it and send it in. They have lives that don’t revolve around your support ticket. Understand the workload that you are putting onto them when you send in a support ticket. If its small, expect a day or two, if it’s bigger, expect longer. And if it’s huge, it’s going to take a while.

    If you actually did some research, you won’t find a host that is as cheap as them (Private 6 slot server for 6 months I got for $6 and change) that also attempts to give solid reliability. They got a lot of people here asking a lot of them. They got a lot of people starting servers, and they got a lot of people sending support tickets. All their panels went down and in less than 2 full days they were back up. Yet in less than 24 hours you had people saying that this service was officially the worst and you were moving elsewhere. Fine, do so. You’re the same people who respond to your own ticket and unintentionally push yourself to the back of the line.

    So for people who actually want their stuff responded to in a timely fashion (2-4 business days) then send it, give more than enough information, and don’t respond until they have. If you respond to your own ticket without them responding, then you’re putting your ticket to the bottom of the help line automatically. So have some patience, and if you are done “putting up with this” then just leave. I’m tired of having to sift through the misplaced threads complaining when honestly their issue is way too soon to be so intense.

    Also, I’m not affiliated with GGservers at all, I’m just tired of people cluttering the forums that I look for help in, and thought this would help anyone new who wants an explanation.

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    Pinned for accuracy.

    We have a KB article that explains part of this as well that i wrote a few years ago but is still remarkably applicable.:

    Hope this helps too!

  • Preach. Preach!

  • I have waited 3 weeks for a response about my webserver. The webserver has now been down for 3 days now, with no information as to why. Every 2 days the ticket gets closed. I reply to open it back up, putting it at the top. Its a broken system. I love the host, but this is unbearable.

  • But at the same time, we send the tickets soon after we want the server because they have our money. Is it too much to ask that our payments are handled quickly?

  • thank you someone said it good

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  • Awesome! You took the words out of my mouth!
    There are really people out there that annoy me when I speak ill of the host … these guys are very immediate and proud! There really is not such a cheap and good host that offers many things like ggserver! So I consider Ggservers the best

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  • timezone - most of their customers are usa (they are canada) this is the same fucking timezone
    only a few people - its a business if they cannot answer a ticket about why their AUTOMATED activation for a server isnt activating once their payment has been received then they are failing as a business - seriously read the pending thing they have on QA they even admit this dude

  • @Xarai god bless you Xarai

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