Can't access Bukkit Plugins - Error 500

  • I can’t seem to install any plugins into my server and I’m very upset with the issue being. I’d appreciate it if I could get some help on getting this issue resolved and having my server the ability to install plugins. Thank you, PussMuff

  • We have all been experiencing this for three days now. Tickets aren’t being replied to either. This is indeed very bad.

  • They’ve broken radio silence. They obviously had some issues. And anyways, you should be using FTP to install plugins.

  • GGServers

    This is an issue with Multicraft, not anything we have any control over. The Bukget service is not very reliable and we highly discourage its use in favor of uploading them via FTP yourself.

    Also @Canada : Love your Avatar! Believe in the you that believes in you!

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