Entire site down.....

  • Now when you even try to log back in or anything else, everything except the main home page and the forums gives the following error:

    Critical Error
    Could not connect to the database.

    GGservers is officially the worst service I’ve dealt with yet. I want my money back. Now.

  • I have been refunded my money. I would suggest you all make sure you get yours as well. Terrible service, terrible response times, but at least they understood and gave me back my money since the promised service was not rendered. Time to look elsewhere. Cheaper is not always better.

  • I beg to differ. They obviously had some issues in the past few days, but once it was back up they were very helpful to me activated my servers (which were pending, assuming they had some issue there). You need to understand that not everything is perfect and bent to do what you want it to do, every second of its existence.

  • Having problems is one thing but sitting on tickets for 5+ days with 0 response or public notices to even their own community is horrible customer service no matter how you look at it. The SECOND they realized they would not be able to get services back up they should of sent out an announcement stating that fact.

    We are customers paying for a service. I am an IT. I understand very well the nature of the beast. BUT…when there is a system outage that will take longer than the standard time to troubleshoot…you are obligated to notify your users. PERIOD.

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