Ridiculous service - Panel 117 down

  • Just bought a minecraft server with 4 gb ram 13/1 and 3 hours later the panel was down, i wrote 3 tickets: one for a possible refound (they said that i can’t get a refound), one asking to solve my problem and one to move to another panel. All the answers are the same, they are sorry for this problem bla bla bla and they will fix it bla bla bla, but i paid 14 USD for a service that i am not getting so this is a complete scam. Where in the terms and conditions says that they are able to get down my panel and my server and don’t take care about dat. Far is the worst service that i ever bought in internet, hope this problem solve in the next hours. If in this day the problem isn’t solved i’ll call the office or whatever, cause yes, this is a scam.

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