Reason for ticket delays!

  • I recently got a reply from a support rep about my problem. He said that the ticket system has been having a ton of issues, so thats why the tickets are delayed. Stuff happens, but even then, I would have liked an announcement on the main page or somthing of that sort. This is unacceptable from a company who is managing a load of servers, and people.

  • I’m having the same issue here. They shouldn’t advertise 24/7 support if it’s not 24/7. I completely understand delays in support if they’re experiencing a high ticket volume, but I would really appreciate at least acknowledgement of my problem, or even just an email saying that responses to support tickets are going to be delayed. I am, again, highly dissatisfied with this server host.

  • I agree. I really would have liked some community interaction in this case.

  • Got the Same problem i ordered a service and it is still Pending it annoys me so hard i already bought this 3 days ago

  • I agree Fully as Mavalon Empire has requested a refund and that ticket has seemingly been ignored funny enough.

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