Not able to buy a web server?

  • It looks like when I try to order a web server, it sends me to the minecraft order page LOL. This hosting has gone downhill since i started using this almost 3 years ago.

    Go to web hosting tab
    Click order on any of the servers
    put in any domain (try “joshverd” in the first box, and “tk” in the second)
    click use, and it sends you to the minecraft order page!

  • This service is awful, i just got refunded by paypal after they asked me for more info, i gave, and then they closed the ticket as they couldnt be bothered to reply.

  • Also, a few days ago, I bought a web server with the wrong domain, and a week ago, I sent in a ticket to request a change to a new domain. I havent gotten a reply, and im tempted to charge back. I could call paypal and I could request a chargeback.

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