The panel is still down??

  • The server panel 122 is still down and nobody knows why. I submitted a ticket and just get a simple “we are looking into the issue”. Can I at least get compensation for this? Its been almost a week since it was down.

  • Same here, got the same response from the ticket I sent as well, and it’s pretty annoying as I purchased a subscription to play with friends because it’s our winter break right now. Let’s just hope it’s up by tomorrow. Pretty ridiculous seeing every other panel is up, and seeing those evil red bars everytime I scroll down the server status page.

  • Yes, this is the issue I am having as well. I would like to play during break, and it is rapidly ticking away.
    Anyone know if cancelling your service prorates and refunds your money?

  • To be honest, it looks like there’s no staff about at all, I’ve ticket tech support and sales, no reply for 3 days, I’ve never been able to access my server. Fortunately I paid by PayPal and have opened a dispute, will never look at these guys again, it’s not just poor service, it’s ridiculous.

  • I ended up requesting a move to a different server panel. None of my data was moved, but as I didn’t have time to begin playing anyhow, I didn’t care. At least I can play on the server.

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