Server Is not building

  • Purchased a server yesterday about this time to use for my stream, and so far, Nothing has been built.

    It should not take long for a linux server to build, and for a script to install minecraft.(five years a linux server admin for web hosting, back ups, game hosting, ect.)

    Its starting to seem like a broken record, because it looks like I’m not the only one. But this is frustrating.

    I’ve put in two tickets, which I should not do, I know. But I wanted to have the server up to stream with my viewers tonight and still no response since 10am est.

  • gg servers sucks d**k my server is still pending bought 3 days ago messeged them on twitter youtube and put in two tickets fucking worst website ever.

  • Apply for a refund before your 24 hours is up, you will get nowhere here

  • @Supertroopz also if you paid by PayPal open a dispute, they are not providing the service they advertise

  • ggserver is a d**n scam I bought a server last month and the server was never built. You are better off off building your own and port forwarding it to your friends or you can check they are more reliable

  • Paypal has resolved my dispute as the service is not what is advertised, i suggest anybody else does the same

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