What happens to mysql database when getting dedicated ip?

  • so i’m finally getting my server a dedicated ip, but i found out my server info would be deleted. i guess i’m fine with this since it won’t take much time to get things back on track.

    what i want to know is what will happen to the mysql database? will the information there be cleared too or what?

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    Because I am not staff I can only guess, but I would assume it would be cleared since it is hosted by ggservers and if they are clearing all the old server info, then it probably would be as well. I would ask one of the staff members though.

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    Chances are, your server will be moved when you purchase a dedicated IP after you have already ordered your server. When your server is moved, it is terminated from the previous panel, including MySQL info.
    You can login to your database via phpmyadmin and export any data that you wish to keep, and just reupload to your new panel’s database.

  • i see. well that sucks. sorry if i seem impatient. it’s been 6 days since i bought the addon and opened the ticket. it has only gotten one response per day and all information/confirmation related…

    all of it could have been posted in the first reply…

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