Panel 122 has been down for 3 days. What is going on?

  • Panel 122 is the only one that is down, and they still can’t focus on the issue? No information or announcement that GG is aware of the issue or that they are trying to solve it. There are people that are paying you good money to use your services and this is what we get? Not sure if anyone else knows what is going on; feel free to let me know if you have any info.

  • I agree, this is incredibly frustrating. I already sent a cancellation request and purchased a new server with another provider.
    More than likely support took the holiday weekend off and won’t respond until Monday. I hope they resolve the issues soon for those willing to forgive them for a poor product.

  • I’m pretty mad as well. A day after I payed for a server, I lose it. Pretty ridiculous.

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