Adding Modpacks

  • I found a modpack on Technic Launcher and I need some help adding it to my server. Can someone help me out with that?

  • First things first, get yourself an FTP program. It will be much faster than multicraft’s built in interface. I use filezilla because it’s free.

    Connect to your FTP site, details found in your multicraft panel, under the FTP option on the left.
    Once connected via FTP, first back up your old server. I make a folder named Backup_worldX where X is whatever name you want. Dump all of the folders and files into this new folder. Once the root folder only has one subfolder (Backup), we can proceed.
    Technic launcher should have a link to the pack’s page where you will find a link to download server files. Download this and unzip it somewhere you can easily find.

    Open the now unzipped folder and create a new subfolder called “jar” (without quotes). Put the forge.jar, Minecraft x.x.x.jar and Libraries files into the new jar folder.

    Navigate to the root folder for your server files in your FTP program (you should see Mods, jar, etc) and copy all of the file contents into your server.

    From the multicraft main page, type in the name of the server launch jar file (edit the .Bat file from Minecraft to see which one, but it should be “forge.jar”).

    Start your server, wait a few minutes for it to load everything, then connect and enjoy.

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