Panel 43 Downtime

  • I have a 1GB Minecraft Server on Panel 43.
    I have already experienced two consecutive downtimes of Panel 43. It is down today and was offline yesterday as well.
    I contacted the staff via ticket @ yesterday and they resolved it and it got back up.
    However they said in the ticket that the reason for the downtime was unknown.
    Today the same thing has happened and I am yet to receive a reply from the GGServers staff on my ticket regarding the issue.

    What may be causing this issue?
    alt text

    Server status:

  • Same thing for me man. Really frustrating when there’s no explanation and all that time wasted. I mean, I pay for this service and my friends are counting on me and my server to play on. It’s ridiculous. I understand maybe a few hours of downtime once in a while, but 2 days in a row with almost all day today and some hours yesterday?..

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