My panel goes down once a month.

  • Panel 78 is down once again. Among a few others.
    I notice that it goes down when I have to make a payment as I dont have automatic payments set up (Nope, never autopay always want to make the payment myself)
    Is this just how GG handles due accounts? What about the other servers on my panel? I know theres a few active ones, wouldnt they be affected as well?
    Seems like it would be a lot simpler to just send an email the day before or maybe just suspend access until payment is made? Anyone else having this monthly downtime? Am I doing something wrong other than not giving GG automatic access to my funds?

    This is annoying enough to me that if it’s going to be EVERY month, I will look to host elsewhere where they have a grace period for payment or maybe better prepayment options so I can prepay each month before the cycle is up.


  • it has been a month and here we are again. Panel, no, seems it’s the whole database that’s down! this is ridiculous, guys. I don’t know about the rest of you all, but I will be exploring my options before the next billing cycle rolls by…

    Unacceptable way to run a paid service. Get some staff or something!

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